Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Hot Dog Mummies and Cheesy Pumpkin Face Corn Buns

It's October! Fall is here. All I see is brown and orange these days. Halloween is around the corner. So I baked a few dishes to celebrate Halloween.  They are nothing out of the ordinary, but they are tons of fun to make!

Halloween Hot Dog Mummies and
Cheesy Pumpkin Face Buns

Hot Dog Mummies:
Hot Dog Bun
The difference is the way how to wrap the hot dog.  Don't wrap the hot dog all the way so you can draw faces on the hot dogs

Cheesy Pumpkin Face Buns:
Corn and Ham Buns
I left out ham on the recipe to make it vegetarian.  Made some strips of American cheese to make it "pumpkin" like. 


These buns look so much more delicious when they have faces on them! 

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